Understanding Gambling

About the Concept

Gambling is fun.

It is a fast-paced entertainment with a direct line to the mystical realm of luck. It promises unimaginable rewards for a tiny price. It offers risk taking and adventures packed in delicious, non-threatening portions of bets. It compels the player to challenge their fortune and, in some sense, to confirm their place in the universe.

Gambling combines high adrenaline levels with one of the most intensive positive emotions – the anticipation of a highly enjoyable event in the immediate future. It also requires a certain, easily attainable level of proficiency which invites the sense of comfort and satisfaction of one’s own abilities to play the game properly.

In a way, gambling is the perfect entertainment. It connects with fundamental aspects of our human nature and delivers a highly satisfying experience. It is a perfect recipe for having a great time. And just like with all perfect recipes it has the potential to turn into a perfect storm. The combination of all positive stimuli may prove so potent that it results in addiction.

Gambling addiction is unique among addictions, because it features no physical aspect and does not rely on addictive substances to fuel itself. It is created in our mind, and is supported by misbeliefs and naturally bias perceptions of events.

Our product provides you with a gambling opportunity within an environment, where you can practice this enjoyable activity and also have a conversation about your experience. The system will approach you with interesting questions during your game. Think about the questions before answering. Your attentive participation may reward you with an enlightened and fulfilling experience.




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 About the Product

This demonstrative product features a slot machine with three reels and one winning line. The player starts with a small amount of money and have at their disposal 125 spins of the reels.

During the game the machine approaches the player with questions on variety of topics connected with gambling. The player is invited to enter conversations about their relation with luck, perception of very large or small numbers, the way human beings analyze information and make decisions, etc. The aim is to provide understanding of how our natural human instincts, desires and biases connect with the experience of gambling. Such an approach, we believe, has the potential to elevate significantly the pressures of psychological dependency from gambling.

When the player loses all their money or completes all available spins, the game ends. The player is invited to another conversation, this time – about their entire game, decisions, emotions and answers. Here, the participation of an expert will prove invaluable.

Successfully understanding the effects of gambling lowers the risk of developing addiction. It is also a way to weaken an existing dependency. Optimal results can be reached in several sessions, probably within a week. A well-developed product shall include varying experiences – three and five reel slots, different return rates and multitude of in-game events.

With ‘Understanding Gambling Addiction’ we embark on journey, looking for new friends and fulfilling partnerships.



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