We Create Games

Games inspire us.

Through them, we convey ideas and discover knowledge.

We develop original game concepts, game mechanics and storytelling.

Our journey, so far...




"About Ships & Cannons"

A working title for a product in the works.

2016 - 2017



"Understand -ing Gambling"

An original product for people with addiction.

2014 - 2017



"Play to Learn"

A three and a half year collaboration with our friends at Eudaimonia Solutions



"Sustainability Toolkit"

An interactive communication tool for internal use by Coca Cola HBC.


"The Crisis of the Third Century"

Video enhancement and contextual accents for better learning.

2013 - 2014



"Marketing Mayhem"

An award-winning collaboration with Roehampton University, London and ORT, France
We collaborate with social organizations & communities, business enterprises and governmental organizations.

We focus on:

Original game concepts, game mechanics and gamification, art and game design, storytelling.
We celebrate science and knowledge. We aim to create solutions based on scientific knowledge and reason.

Our Presence