The Crisis of the Third Century

We love history.

During a session of watching a great set of lectures about The Early Middle Ages, AD 284— BC 1000 presented by Professor Paul Freedman, Department of History at Yale University, on YouTube, an idea came along.

With minor video enhancements and carefully positioned visual aids and accents, the lecture could grow into more immersive experience. Theoretically, the effectiveness of the learning process should be affected in a positive way as well.  The topic presented an interesting problem and an opportunity to explore new grounds of expertise.

For the purposes of presentation, we took the liberty to edit a 7 minute segment of Professor’s Freedman second lecture which was on the topic of the Crisis of the Roman Empire in the Third Century. The following elements were introduced:

– Simple and discreet approach, enhancing the lecturer’s presentation and not dominating it.

– Textual emphasis on the important moments in the lecture.

– Visual references for better engagement.

– Summery Board for important information following a particular section of the lecture.

– Customized Map.

– Removed segment. The 0:27 min to 1:05 min segment in the original lecture refers to specific organizational issues, not relevant to the lecture material. It is the only segment removed in the edited version.

Below, you may find the two versions of the 7 minute segment – the edited by Clumsy Ox and the original. Please, feel free to compare both videos and arrive at your own conclusions. Enjoy.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: the 7 minute segment is used only to showcase a concept of ours for enhanced learning practices. In no way we have intended any intellectual property infringement or any other defamatory consequence. We greatly admire and respect the work and the knowledge of Professor Freedman and Yale University.)


Edited Version:

Video Editting (Yale) D



Complete original lecture:

Video Editting (Yale) C